Sample of reports

Inventory report is a document that contains detailed information of the content and condition of property in the beginning and at the end of tenancy.
Inventories are usually made to record contents and condition of property including cleanness of the property, testing appliances for power and sanitary ware to avoid any disputes on the end of tenancy.

You may download sample of reports in PDF from our website below.

What Makes a Good Inventory Report?

A good inventory report:
- is compiled according to the approved template;
- contains detailed information, for example, of the state of all premises, cleanliness, testing appliances,  sanitary ware, carpets etc.;
- it’s issued at the check-in and check-out to enable clear comparison of all property contents.

Inventory Report Best Practices

Though there are a variety of formats for a sample report, it is recommended to save sample reports in PDF format, as it allows to store and download documents in an unchangeable form.
It’s important to issue check-in and check-out reports about the time tenancy begins or comes to an end, respectively. Otherwise, the court may refuse to rely on them as proper evidence.
The inventory reports should establish a cleanliness standard, which is not equivalent to a mere recording of the property condition. Cleaning issues may include dust on the floor and furniture, state of the carpets, curtains, kitchen utensils etc.
Photographs should be used as a required supplement to an inventory report, but cannot substitute a report itself with comments and written descriptions. It’s necessary to use high-quality photos with the stamped date and time.
When making inventories, a company should make a clause about fair wear and tear of the real estate contents.
If tenants do not agree with the conclusions made in the inventory report, they may initiate execution of the discrepancy report that contains description of all controversial matters.

This is our most popular type of report at the start of tenancy. Inventory and check in report includes full inventory, schedule of condition and handover the keys to tenant. Inventory and check in report will be send to all parties within 24-48 hrs.

Inventory & Check in REPORT

Reasonably detailed inventory reports are treated as key documents that describe the property condition at the start and end of the tenancy. Without them, it would be very difficult to settle the disputes in a fair evidence-based manner. 

Download SAMPLE OF
Inventory REPORT

It is the check-out report that allows, in comparison with the check-in report, to make a final conclusion of the property condition underlying settlements between the tenant and the landlord.

Download SAMPLE OF check-out REPORT

There are cases when it makes sense to keep an ear to the ground. If a landlord wants to know what happens with its property, it’s better to carry out midterm inspections monitoring, whether the property remains in good condition. By the result of such inventory inspection, the midterm report is prepared.
Both check-in and check-out inventory reports should follow the same templates and formats to make comparison easy. 

Download SAMPLE OF Mid-term REPORT

After you have examined our report samples, don’t hesitate to order any inventory that fits your needs.