Inventory & Check-in reports

Inventory, as applied to tenancy, the term used to describe what is in the property at the beginning of the tenancy. Typically, an Inventory will include a detailed description of the following:

Schedule of condition
Fixture and Fittings  Installed furniture
Equipment in the rental property
Testing smoke alarms
Meter readings - these can later be used to bill for available utilities
Photographs that confirm the condition in which the property is being handed over to the tenant.

How do we do Inventory and check in report

Often the clerk is responsible for compiling the inventory & check-in report of the property before the tenants arrive.

Sometimes there are instances where clerks separately indicate that all items in the property are in good condition. If there are any visible defects, they are noted separately. In a competently drafted inventory & check in, the contents of each room are described separately.

The agent carefully documents all relevant aspects of the tenancy. The report is provided electronically in PDF format. The client receives it via e-mail.

The service is performed before the new tenants are about to move in. Check in inventory cost depends on the size of the property and number of rooms.


Starting at
£ 100
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  • Comparing to Inventory
  • Handover the keys
  • Testing smoke alarms
  • Taking meter readings
    Digital signatures
    Digital report


Starting at
£ 120

Prices don't include VAT.

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  • Accredited Professional Clerk
  • Detail Schedule of Condition
  • Quality Reports with Photos
  • Only £10 for  extra bedrooms
  • Precise PDF Report

How the procedures are carried out:

  1. The clerk and the future tenants at the pre-arranged time arrive at the address.
  2. An inventory is taken together with the tenants.
  3. Everything is documented, including the condition of the home in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

A detailed inventory and check in report -

It is a unique chance to protect yourself from damage caused by tenants during the tenancy.

Given that tenants leave a security deposit, the inventory report is a reliable document that protects the landlord's interests.

To protect you and your property, InventoryFlex guarantees incredibly low inventory check in fee for its services. Our distinct advantage is professional report writing from accredited clerks.

The inspection report will detail the condition of the inventory before tenants move in.

This is what you can expect from acheck-in inventory service:

The report will include any details that affect the condition of the property at the time of occupancy.       
Meter readings are checked and recorded.
Testing smoke alarms.
At the time of move-in, the tenant receives pictures of the property and keys.

Our pros over the competition:

  1. Our staff produces the most detailed step-by-step report possible
  2. Review the entire inventory. Every door, every wall, and so on is checked. At the end of the inspection, the tenant signs a form stating that they agree with the report.

Cleanliness and detail in the check-in report

We provide professional inventory and check in services in London, so our reports, compiled before the settlement of future tenants, necessarily indicate the level of cleanliness.

Also, a competent report must include detailed photographs. This form has undeniable advantages over a form without photos:

  1. A complete picture of the property
  2. Detailed condition of the garden
  3. A record of decorations, antiques, or any other items that are dear to the property owner
  4. Traces, scratches, damages, even if they are difficult to photograph well.

Our price list is all-inclusive to cater all the way from Studios to 6-bedrooms and our rates are highly competitive, allowing us to sustain long-term relationships with our customers. For any enquires email us or give us a call on 02034889191

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is not required, but the customer should make sure that the clerk conducting the inventory has access to the property and meter readings. If the customer plans to attend, it should be understood that the inventory process will take a certain amount of time.

The customer receives the report electronically with PDF resolution within 3-5 business days after the inspection and receipt of inventory check in fee. In exceptional cases the order can be executed faster, but the customer needs to notify the contractor in advance.

Yes, it is possible, but you need to get the tenant's consent for the inventory. It is also important that representatives of both parties are present during the procedure.

Depends on the size of the object and the number of units to be inspected. It is impossible to predict in advance how much time an employee will need to perform this task.