Inventory clerk

Who is a property inventory clerk?

Our inventory clerk is a specialist that comes and creates a professional report on your property in London. His role is to record the contents and condition of property.

Inventory clerks are needed when an agreement is signed by the landlord and the tenant, and the latter is going to check-in the property and at the end of tenancy. The inventory reports made by our London professional service help a landlord to escape any dispute between the landlord and the property users.

What job do clerks do?

Our inventory clerk usually can be booked by an agent, landlord or tenant. When the clerks come they inspect the inside condition, fill their special forms and take photos to provide visual evidence of contents and condition of property including appliances & furnitures.

The most usual problems in letting the real estate are caused when an inventory component is broken or lost. Sometimes the landlord and the tenant argue if the used house or apartment is not as clean as it was at the beginning.

When the inspection is completed our clerk issues an official report. Both parties can log into their accounts to examine their copy of this detailed report. Then it can be used by the landlord as a reference in determining the deposit returns.

Who are our inventory clerks?

It is very important for a landlord to search for an inventory clerk from an independent company to be sure that you are paying for a proper specialist.

There are a lot of details that a professional in this sphere should know. He or she must be very accurate with details, and use common sense to see the difference between wear and tear opposite to neglect. Also, their mission is to try to escape conflicts if any, including between the landlord and the tenant.

A good inventory clerk needs to be all in one: inspector, investigator, psychologist and also a photographer. Our staff has several years of experience and many of them have passed special courses in London. This way we guarantee to our clients the professional skills of all our inventory clerks.

And the key staff and the founders of our firm have more than 15 years of experience in the property management business.

The price of our jobs

Our competitive prices depend on the size of the property in London. For example, a full inventory of a studio starts from £120 and up to £185 for a 6-bedroom apartment. The check-in and -out procedures cost from £100. Two services like an inventory and a check-in could be combined within one visit of our inventory clerk. This way a landlord can get a good total discount. The table below includes specific pricing:

& Check In
Check Out
Mid term
























Prices don't include VAT.

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We propose our services on a base of all included. Our clients are not charged additionally for photos included in the report etc. We are always looking forward to a long relationship. And also for our clients it is always better and easier to deal with one company for all the stages of a tenancy: for initial inventory, check-in and check-out. Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions.

How to order our services?

The services of Inventory Flex can be ordered online 24/7 by filling in a special form on our website, by sending email to or by calling us on 02034889191. Our clerks are usually ready to come and do their job in any part of London as fast as possible. Nevertheless to be absolutely sure of that it is a good idea to book our inventory clerk service in advance.