Check-in Inventory Report

A check-in report is needed when the tenancy contract is signed by landlord or an agent and a tenant. This document fixes the condition of the property itself, everything that is included, repairing and clearing status of the property, etc. Both sides of the agreement are interested to arrange a check in and to have such a reportenclosed with  the contract. That is because it can prove in future what has been passed to the tenant.

It is a good idea to record properly which a tenant is responsible for during the tenancy period. He is obliged to leave property in the same condition as it was stated with wear and tear, during an inventory procedure for check in by professionals of the industry of the property management. The best way is to ask specialists to check the property twice, for the first time at the beginning and the second at the end of the contract. Then it will be possible to compare reports of the inventory before and after and check if there is any difference.

We can make a professional check in report for you

  1. Our clerks are ready to make a check in report for you before the tenancy starts.
  2. We have experience in inventory checks with all kind of property, including houses, apartments, business property.
  3. The check in inventory report includes our records for absolutely everything including: living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and also an inventory of furniture & fixtures. We check all appliances for power and all other stuff included and their condition.
  4. Our clerks usually makes photos during the check in inventory for the record and enclose them with the report.
  5. The check in inventory can protect you from disputes in future.
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How do we do the check in report

The check of the property takes place at the very beginning of the tenancy, better before a tenant moves to the property. Our clerk makes a complete revision of everything. It is preferable that both sides of the contract are present.

Our professionals usually have a checklist. During the check in inventory we record all important details, make photos and videos when it is needed. So both sides will have an objective picture of what is included in the tenancy.

When the inspection is done and the check in inverntory is finished usually it takes us up to 48 hours to prepare the report. Then we send the official report with the results of our check to the landlord and the tenant. If there are any objections, they need to contact us within 7 days of receipt for the revision of the inventory of the property. If they agree with it the document can be enclosed with the tenancy agreement.

When the inventory is done and the check in report is signed as an attachment to the tenancy contract the tenant can move to the property. Now all details are recorded and both sides could feel safe and happy.

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Who orders our check in services?

Our check in inventory service is needed by both sides because it protects people in disputes. The results of our inventory check of the property can be used as evidence in a court. The landlord feels himself more comfortable after the check because he or she has the report as a proof of what has been actually passed to the tenant. Everything is recorded in the check in inventory list enclosed with the agreement. And nothing could be missed in future.

Our price list is all-inclusive to cater all the way from Studios to 5-bedrooms and our rates are highly competitive, allowing us to sustain long-term relationships with our customers. For any enquires email us or give us a call on 02034889191

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At the same time, it is also better for the tenant to be responsible only for the property that is listed and checked during the inventory. This way nobody will be able to ask to pay for something that has been broken or missed before he or she moved to the house or apartment.

For the best result after the check in inventory at the beginning we strongly recommend to order also our check-out inventory services at the end of the tenancy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional inventory clerks are thoroughly trained to outline the crucial details and conditions of your property assets. This is to ensure your property and its contents are safeguarded and to protect yourself if a dispute should arise during a tenancy.

If you are a new landlord or are starting a new tenancy, an Inventory and check-in report is highly recommended to record and detail all the assets within the property and conditions. Should you already have a regularly updated inventory report then a check-in report should be sufficient. Mid tenancy, typically for long-term lets, we recommend to conduct Mid Term inspections to monitor that the property is being taken care of and to prevent any issues to arise. Once a tenancy comes to an end, our team carry out the Check-out report and final inventory.

The actual onsite visual inspection required to create the report takes an average of 1-2 hours and this will include various photos and comprehensive descriptions. The stage that follows is for our back office administrative team to put together the final report, which can take around 5 hours and this is assessed once more for quality purposes by the clerk before the final delivery.

Yes, you can but it will not hold up in a court of law. In order to be legally binding your report must have been prepared by a neutral party. A landlord or letting agency will not be considered neutral.

Yes. An inventory report does not just cover the contents within the property but also describes the quality of decoration, details any deficiencies and damages plus specifies all furnishings, fixtures and fittings.

Our property inventories and related reports are conducted by professional inventory clerks who are trained to record and assess the findings at the property with an independent and unbiased view. However, our clients have a right to query anything that is said within the report.It is important that upon receipt of your report you check through to ensure that you are satisfied with its contents. If you feel anything has been omitted or unfairly detailed, you must contact us within 7 days of the report being emailed.

We are open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00. On Saturdays we open from 10:00 to 17:00.

We will deliver your report as a pdf within 24 hours. We will email the report to the booker. Please be aware that we are legally not allowed to send this to any other party unless instructed in writing.