Property Inventory Clerk job description

We are hiring inventory clerks!

Description of the clerk's inventory vacancy

Our company always welcomes professional and ambitious candidates, who would like to pursue a career of a property inventory clerk in London.

Job Types : Full-time, Part-time, Permanent, Freelance

Salary : it depends on experience
Required Skills
An inventory clerk is not always bound to have some kind of certified professional background (though dedicated course graduates are welcome) or many years of job experience, but surely there are certain abilities and skills successful candidates should possess to handle the job in an excellent manner. A typical job description for an inventory clerk looks as follows:
These key values have provided us a solid foundation to provide our full range of services to Letting Agents and Landlords throughout London, Essex & Kent.Over the last five years the industry has seen various changes to legalisation and the role of an inventory company is ever so important, from ensuring the report is compiled correctly to testing smoke alarms, we use the latest cutting edge technology to assist in providing our reports.
Recruitment Procedure
How we are hiring: We are always glad to work with inventory clerks having many years of experience, but are also ready to give a chance to those, who are new to your industry.
Before the interview we may ask you to complete a short application form with a description of your job experience, the parts of London you would prefer working in, and your pricing  expectations. Successful candidates meeting our requirements will be invited to the next step.
During the interview, we will discuss these in detail, the manager and you will be able to exchange interview questions, and discuss conditions of the job.
The main task of our company clerks is to prepare well-drafted detailed inventory reports, including check-in, check out and mid-inspection reports. To handle this job, the candidates we are hiring should follow the procedure adopted in our inventory company.
So if you want to apply for the inventory clerk position, be ready to act as a part of our services supply chain.

You job responsibilities would include:
Since many property tenants have time for the inventory inspection only after working hours, our clerks should be ready to fulfill their job duties on weekends or in the evening during extended hours. During the inspection, it’s very important for a clerk to make an excellent description of the inventory condition according to the template we provide. After the report is ready, you will have to download its PDF version to our website during 48 hours, so time-management skills are very important for our company clerks.

Another important requirement is well-developed interpersonal skills: while communicating with customers you should be diplomatic and tactful, even if you see that the inventory inspection will result in some claims.
If you have any questions please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

An inventory clerk checks the condition of the rented property. This usually includes check-in, check-out and mid-term inspections followed by execution of inventory reports. Then employees download the report to the website for the customers and tenants to be able to examine it. You can read more information about an inventory clerk here.

This job requires excellent communication and analytical competences, the ability to compile.

Not necessarily. The most important points of the clerk job are interpersonal skills, analytical skills, and the readiness to work extended hours. However you can improve your job perspectives, if you choose to attend the special courses.

For clerks employed on a full-time job, the yearly salary may come up to £ 21 thousand depending on the job experience.

Apart from searching through the websites of inventory companies that may publish recruitment information, you can look through job boards and clerk job advertising websites. These are also valuable resources to tell you about job descriptions or provide career advice.

Yes, inventory clerks can be employed on a full-time basis. You can find out all employment details during the interview.

Yes. The job of inventory clerks can be taken on a freelance basis, as often it is necessary to work late hours or during the weekends.