Inventories for Furnished, Unfurnished and Commercial Properties

March 10, 2023

Inventories for furnished, unfurnished and commercial property inventory are important for landlords and tenants to ensure that the condition of the property is well-documented before and after a tenancy.

A property inventory is a detailed list of all the items in a rental property, including furniture, white goods, and any other fixtures and fittings. It should also include a condition report, noting any damages or wear and tear.

Renting out real estate is a good way to earn a steady income. After buying a residential or commercial property, the owner may wonder whether to rent his property furnished or unfurnished. Of course, in both the first and the second cases, the owner has every chance to successfully rent out his property. But, we recommend that you do not neglect the inventory procedure, even if the property is unfurnished.

Furnished apartment inventory checklist is usually used to detail the condition of the entire property. You may ask, what will be reflected in the inventory if the dwelling is unfurnished?

There are many important nuances here. We just want to remind you that ahead of the tenants living there, they may want to change your property to their liking. If you don't like the new changes, you won't be able to get a refund if there is no inventory.

When renting an empty property, the inventory report is for the following:

  • A description of the condition of the walls, and flooring materials;
  • Description of doors, windows, curtains, and blinds;
  • Condition and values of meters and alarms;
  • Description of light fixtures;
  • Sink, tub, shower and their description;
  • Garden furniture and utensils;
  • Exterior items and even plants;
  • Tile in the house and other necessary appliances;
  • Fittings and more.

In this case, a furnished apartment inventory list template will help you make a correct description to determine the degree of wear and tear of the above.

When renting an unfurnished property, the same procedures are followed as if you are renting a furnished property. It's just that in this case, your inventory report will be a little shorter due to the fact that there is no furnished apartment inventory checklist.

It is important to keep in mind that in advance of tenants living, repairs to your home, carpeting or wall coverings will suffer natural wear and tear. A detailed inventory report will help document these changes and get full compensation from your tenants if they are reinforced. 

If your tenants live a long time, over time you or the tenants may forget what a particular item looked like when they moved in. This can also be a cause for dispute. If you allow changes to your property that may be initiated, that too should be mandatorily reflected in the inventory list for furnished apartment.

In the event of a dispute, the inventory report will help protect your interests and, if necessary, recover compensation for expenses from the tenant. Also, the tenant may oppose you providing the full property in the rental unit. He may want to make repairs at his discretion. In this case, the owner has every right to prohibit what initiatives or destroy. This issue should be reflected in the commercial property inventory list.

If you have agreed that the tenant wants to change anything inside your property, it can only be done after receiving your written demolition. This rule works for all types of properties, including commercial property inventory.

When a tenant moves out from furnished or unfurnished rental property, a check-out report is essential for both the landlord and tenant. This report will be used to determine the condition of the property and any damages or repairs that need to be made before a deposit can be returned. 

An inventory furnished apartment checklist can help make sure that all items in the property are accounted for and in good condition. A furnished apartment inventory checklist template is available to help landlords and tenants create a comprehensive inventory report. It can be adapted to include specific information relevant to the property, such as the make and model of appliances, or the brand and style of furniture.

In all cases of leasing your property, we recommend that you contact a professional inventory clerk who will help you make a clear and detailed furnished or unfurnished inventory report. This approach will resolve any disputes that may arise in the future. The inventory documents clearly establishes the interaction between the owner and the tenants.

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