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When you ask your friends and family members about their tenants, you will see disagreeable comments coming from them. This could really be frightening and make you stay away from having tenants in your property. But, if this was the same case with everyone then the whole tenancy thing would have got extinct. But that is not the case. There are so many people who have tenants in their property and enjoy a wonderful tenancy period by sharing a great relationship with the tenants.

Any good relationship is built on trust. If you cannot trust your tenants then there can never be a good relationship. However, trusting an unknown person in a blind sighted way will bring catastrophic consequences. Therefore, true trust can only happen on the basis of proof.

If you want to ensure that the relationship between you and your tenant is good and healthy then make sure you go for the check in reports provided by an inventory clerk because it plays one of the pivotal roles in making sure that the relationship between you and your tenant is good and healthy. Let’s see what the effects are of a check in report on the relationship of the landlord and the tenant.

Creates a Great Foundation of a Good Relationship

Every good relationship is based on a good foundation which is called trust. A check in report is something that helps you to build trust. It will ensure that you or your tenant does not lie about the damages or about the money that has to be paid for that. By doing so, it ensures that you and your tenant have real trust rather than the utopian type of trust.

A Great Way to Eliminate Confusion

If you and your tenant are having confusion on any of the matter then the check in report will help you to ensure that the confusion is eliminated in the first place. If you see any damage to your property and blame the tenant for the damage then you should know that your tenant will deny it. However, with a check in report, you will be able to make sure that you have no confusion and have proof against you allegation which will make the tenant compelled to play what you deserve.

Therefore, having a check in report is the ideal way of starting the tenancy. If you want to ensure the safety of your property and have a great relationship with your tenants then you should contact an inventory clerk right away and get that report before the tenancy begins.

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